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Since 1932, the Baril family is very active in the business world in Abitibi. In the middle of a mining boom, it is in Duparquet, Quebec that Adrien Baril chose to install its general store. His sons (Marcel and its brothers) are learning English and everything what a business man should know.

His sons are then studying at the Berthier college where they learn about the business world. Back in Duparquet in the middle of the 1950s, they find a town that is not economically healthy. Like gold, the town empties itself and the general store's sales are dropping. The sons will need to do something else to insure their futur.

Adien Baril then offers to his sons (Marcel, Andre, Jean-Claude and Gilles) an old truck and an empty warehouse in La Sarre, Quebec. Since the start, Marcel is imposing himself as a leader. He then made an association with his brothers to form Marcel Baril Ltd. The business has started on solid foundations as cement was the first merchandise to be sold. Marcel gained the bank's confidence and got a $25 000 credit margin. Hard work and the business minding did all the rest.

For 20 years, the hardware wholesaler grew in La Sarre but their three warehouses were disperse through the city. In 1975, Marcel Baril then decided to change the business location. The choice is Rouyn-Noranda, a dynamic town in Quebec that is well situated for serving all Abitibi-Temiscamingue and North-Eastern Ontario.
Marcel Baril Ltd. is expending and is becoming the exclusive distributor in Eastern Canada for high density polyethylene pipes. To develop this new market, the business then opens an office in Laval, near Montreal. The wholesaler did not change its first vocation: hardware, plumbing and construction material distribution. In 1988, Marcel Baril Ltd has decided to increase its presence in this new market by buying Groom-Callaghan Supply Co. Ltd of Sudbury, a sick business that Marcel Baril Ltd then cured.
The man is not only a business man, he is also a family man. His eight childrens are growing and are demanding more time from Marcel. On week-end, he is up early to the arena, at the ski center or at the cycling events. In La Sarre, a whole generation of young hockey players remember this coach who was thighting their laces in the player's room. It's devotion with younger and older persons gave him the Order of Canada.

At the Quebec's Chamber of Commerce, we did not forget this Abitibian who was president of the organisation in 1979-1980. Qualifying the man of visionary, the Chamber of Commerce salute this builder in 1994 by naming a Mercuriade's trophy in is honor. Marcel Baril is the father of the Mercuriades business competition.